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Thread: Workaround for permission problem in Ubuntu multi-server installation

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    Default Workaround for permission problem in Ubuntu multi-server installation

    After fixing the problem with the check for installed packages (see bug #20597), installation of a server with only zimbra-ldap succeeds on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (English language).

    Installing a second server (fresh install, no update; zcs-NETWORK-4.5.7_GA_1319.UBUNTU6.tgz) with zimbra-logger and zimbra-store runs fine until an error at the end where permission errors are shown when tomcat is tried to be started.

    Running zmfixperms does not help any more: One can start Tomcat but it crashes some seconds later.

    Reason: Many files, e.g. in /opt/zimbra/tomcat, have set a userid of 503 which is a non-existing user.

    Filed as bug #20652.
    - (if previous installation is present, remove it)
    - Running " -s" so that only the packages are installed.
    - Run /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms
    - Run the setup script /opt/zimbra/libexec/
    No everything runs fine without errors.

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    Is the same true for a single server installation in Ubuntu?

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    Default only in multi-server installation

    No, the problem occurs only in a multi-server installation. Somewhat strange... I had no such problems in a single-server setup.

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