I've gotten pretty much everything working in my Zimbra BETA install on this Ubuntu Fiesty machine.

I know it's beta, and that even the non-beta is not intended for this version of Ubuntu, but I'de like to get this last bit working, non the less.

I'm having a problem I've seen other have similar issues for. The stats service does not seem to be working. When zmcontrol is run, it shows that stats is working fine. However, when I check the log file, it is kicking messages showing the service is stopped, and the web gui shows it stopped. Also, after running the server for a week, I still can not see any stats in the graphs for message count and volume(though the spam and other graphs work). The graphs when I click on server statistics show empty, while the graphs when I click on the server itself show "Data not yet available".
(FYI I did manually run zmgengraphs, but still no data shown)
(NOTE: graphs are showing at least 5 days of spam data)

Threads with purported solutions suggest ln'ing the rrdtool folder. However, the rrdtool folder was already properly symlinked to the version that came with Zimbra.

I was thinking it might be a hard pointed file reference(like I found DSPAM would not work because the conf file that was included had been pointed to a specific version, instead of the link), but I haven't found anything pointing to a specific version.

Any ideas, or anything I could do to help you guys help me?