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Thread: Java error during/after configuration

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    Default Problem solved (check for correct rpm:s!)

    Hi and thanks for your answers. I suspected that SE Linux might complicate things a little. However, the problem in my case was that OpenLDAP didnt run as it should (the Java Error mentioned earlier in this thread). OpenLDAP won't run if a rpm i missing, in my case Thanks to another thread in this forum, I solved this issue successfully and now Zimbra is running OK.

    I can logon to the web interface for administration and I also tested the external authentication to my Windows 2003 Active Directory, it worked super!

    A tip for all you how experience this trouble with Java communications error is to check the forum for information about how to install (AND UPDATE!) packages that OpenLDAP depends on.


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    Default ldap errors

    What happens when you run zmldapinit manually (as the zimbra user).

    Does it complain about missing libraries?

    Is SE linux enabled?

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