I have Zimbra M2 Network version installed on a dual p4 system with 1 gig of ram & FC4. "top" usually reports cpu usage of 1% or less, with occasional spikes to 80-90%. Despite this, I see massive slowdowns in performance from time to time as well as these issues:
-attachments don't send in FF1.5
-right click menus don't work sometimes
-user login fails to finish sometimes (welcome screen just sits
with the animation going...................)
-can't delete messages from inbox somtimes or takes 1+ minute
-frequently get the error message "The server appears to be slow to
respond, and may be unavailable. Press the button to cancel your
-also "Could not complete operation." errors
name - TypeError
message - 'undefined' is null or not an object
number - -2146823281
description - 'undefined' is null or not an object

Strangly enough, if I "zmcontrol stop" then "zmcontrol start" the server, most of these problems seem to dissapear for a while (large copies/deletes still cause problems for FireFox). For instance, I couldn't delete messages from my folder until I bounced the server, then it functioned quickly until I let it run for 30ish minutes. After that time it was back to being slow. My imap connection with Thunderbird also seemed to work a lot better after the restart, but sometimes it also seems to have a lot of trouble dealing with Zimbra.

From what I've read in other threads, many of these problems have been fixed in the recent developer builds which have been posted for testing, but apparently these are not compatible with the Network-M2 release. Is there any way to get an update for the Network version as well?
If not, can I remove the Network version and install the normal version without losing all of the accounts I've imported?
For those of us trying to use the Network version in a *real* environment, it is a bit frustrating to run into all of these bugs yet have no recourse.