I have problems during my import of messages from my old IMAP server, to Zimbra's. I'm using imapsync, and Zimbra's imap server is complaining with:

Couldn't append msg #760 (Subject:xxxxxxxxx) to folder new/Inbox: 13547 BAD parse error: date out of range

The date is:


Yes, it's out there date wise. That's not the point, of course, however. People do sometimes send email messages with such wonky, weird dates, and Zimbra needs to be able to handle it.

Any ideas on how to allow the imap server to accept such dates?

(note, my only other problem during IMAP import, about file sizes being > 10MB, was resolved with another post. As a suggestion for Zimbra, an offical "howto" with these "gotchas" might be a great idea for IMAP).