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Thread: How to install from Basic.

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    Unhappy How to install from Basic.

    Hi i searched the forums and documentations in, but nothing helps me to install zimbra and configure and run it successfully.

    so if u installed it in your machine and if it is working well, pls share your installation experience and help me.

    also https://localhost:7071 is not working for me.

    also tell me how to configure the /etc/hosts file. (i don't have separate domain, just i want to use the zimbra inside of my local LAN.)

    Also tell me the basic use of Zimbra (Either email client or server or both or database).....?

    i totally got confused. pls give me the basic idea about zimbra and above things.

    Thnaks & Regards,
    Nandhakumar K.

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    What's your OS?

    Also if you are using that in your LAN, you have to disable the Enable DNS option in the Admin UI.

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    Can you provide some info on what you have done so far, and what the results were, from there we may be able to see the problem. Cheers.

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    Default What i done so far....

    hi, i installed FC5 (while installing itself i selected the MySQL, PHP and Apache components).

    then i downloaded the ZCS open source edition.

    then i installed it through file.

    it asked me about the installing components. i gave YES to all.

    after installing it gave me the DNS error like, "host name cannot be resolved".

    i have internet connection, but not having a particular registered domain name. i want to use Zimbra for local LAN. so How to set DNS /etc/hosts file...?

    whether ZCS open source edition has MYSQL DB or Zimbra DB...?

    Thanks & Regards,

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    On a single server install you don't need to enabled imap/pop proxy.

    For mail delivery, you're going to need mx records somewhere (unless you plan on just using pop download in the webclient).

    You could make a .local domain and use bind if you don't have a dns box - these articles will help a little:
    Split DNS - ZimbraWiki

    You didn't need to install MySQL & Apache, ZCS installs it's own.

    -I kinda also get the sense that you didn't read the links I provided in your prior thread... (/forums/installation/11876-zimbra-sugarcrm.html)

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