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Thread: Zimbra 5 RC1 - Bug and IM questions

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    Smile Zimbra 5 RC1 - Bug and IM questions

    * sorry about the misleading post title, forgot to change it - should read: Zimbra 5 RC1 Questions *

    Hey Zimbrians!

    Played with the Zimbra 5 demo and it's great. Seems faster than previous versions, but that's probably just my imagination.

    It is fantastic to see both Instant Messaging, Tasks and Brief Case available in the system. Much anticipated features.

    Questions about Instant Messaging:
    1. Will administrators be able to control what external IM Providers users can subscribe too? For example: in a corporate environment it is often not appropriate (or policies directly prohibit) connecting to external IM services such as MSN, AOL, Google and Yahoo.
    2. Will administrators be able to configure IM to use an internal Jabber compatible service such as OpenFire?
    3. Does Zimbra come with a IM server built-in now, or is this just a client?

    Questions about Brief Case:
    1. What controls will the administrator have available to limit uploading of file types, quota, if any controls.
    2. I assume this feature can be enabled and disabled by the administrator.

    Question about Tasks:
    Do these synchronise with Microsoft Outlook and Zimbra Mobile?

    Question about email signatures:
    Will HTML email signatures be supported? This feature is not available in the current demo.

    Zimbra 5 looks like being a fantastic release and I really like the new themes that are available too (hot rod being my fav.)
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