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Thread: setup to be be a relay

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    epfreed Guest

    Default setup to be be a relay

    As a temporary measure for transitioning from my old mail server, I want Zimbra to act as the smtp relay for the old server. I think in Postfix you just setup the "mynetworks" in

    mynetworks =

    or use one of the mynetworks_style choices.

    But I have already been caught with DNS issues with my Zimbra install, so I want to make sure that setting mynetworks won't screw anything up.

    ( By default mynetworks_style = subnet, and I would be changing that, I think)

    many thanks

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    Default mynetworks

    That should work, though it won't persist across upgrades (we're working on changing that).

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    epfreed Guest

    Default re: mynetworks


    Persistence across upgrade is not a problem for I said this is just to ease migration off of the old server.


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