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    Default How easy?

    OK, a bit of background:

    I'm currently running MailEnable on a Win 2K3 server; my server admin background is in Windows, with little to no experience of Linux; day to day is mostly Mac. I'm well-versed in most IT though, so am a fast learner!

    A few questions:

    1. Is Zimbra really as great as everyone seems to say? I really want to find a mail server with low maintenance, and above all a rock-solid IMAP implementation!

    2. As a Linux virgin, how easy will I find it to install Zimbra Open Source on a box running Fedora and Plesk? I'm happy with command line stuff for e.g. IMAP importing, so long as it's well documented!

    3. Doing an IMAP import, does that remember all the read status flags, etc.? My only headache would seem to be my users who are using POP and leaving messages on the server...

    Answers to any of these will be most gratefully received!


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    Hi Seb,

    from my experience the installation is rather easy. I installed Zimbra Community Edition 4.5 on a Debian Etch Server in about an hour. There's some helpful threads in the forums!

    I move about 20GB of mails in several IMAP-inboxes from a handcrafted Postfix/Cyrus Mailserver to Zimbra. I used the imapsync tool on the Debian Server. It worked great, with the right set of options (which can be found in the forums here, too) it transported all mails with valid dates, read states and attachments. And because it's a sync I only had to call it once in a while after the MX change to get all the remaining mails that where delivered to the old mailserver. Worked like a charm ;-)

    Bye, Stephan

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