Sorry for any repeat questions, although I was not able to find the exact error answer when searching the forums, but after I installed Zimbra the admin console worked fine. The server was in an isolated environment to merge users from /etc/passwd. Everything seemed fine. I placed the server in the production environment, the admin console stops working. I have checked iptables, it is turned off. I have checked selinux, it is disabled. I looked in the error console with firefox, nothing. There doesn't seem to be any errors in /var/log/zimbra.log.

Zimbra version -zimbra-core-4.5.8_GA_1394.RHEL5_64-20071003150011
OS - Fedora 7 64bit

The Zimbra install went great, and is working great, other than this one issue. I could live without the admin console, however, there will be certain users that need the UI access (not comfortable with the cli).

Any help would be great.