I'm running into issues with users and copy and paste, via the HTML compose window.

As a FYI, I've actually setup Mozilla as a Zimbra 'client', and hidden all the tabs/toolbars so that Zimbra appears to be a desktop client. We all know that end users get confused, and the fact that they can't _find_ the 'back' or 'forward' buttons has really helped with my rollout here.

Anyhow, as a result of this, and of using the HTML editing client, we seem to be missing a menu item for 'cut' and 'paste'. While this is fixable by exposing the 'edit' (menu toolbar) menu in Mozilla, I found that if users are editing a HTML message in a separate window, they have no visual cut and paste.

Again, I'm rolling out in a very typical end user environment. We have users that do not know any keyboard shortcuts, won't be able to learn them, and keep looking for 'cut and paste' menu items.

This seems to be a bit of a shortcoming in the HTML editor. Any ideas?

Also, I think I have about five unanswered posts in these forums, all over the last 4 days or so. Has the Yahoo buyout eaten up Zimbra resources temporarily, or is this the norm? Should I be posting this to other areas? Emailing support directly? Calling?

What's the best way to get my various issues handled?