I'm not sure what is going on here, but it seems as if a shared contact list is not searched for auto completion. That is, contacts I have in a shared contact list I've added to my address book, do not show up when I try to compose an email.

Any ideas why? This is very weird, we have a company wide shared contact list, but no one can use it?!

Note, that I found a similar bug in the bug database, but that was for searching via the contact list that pops up when clicking on the 'to:' button. In my case, shared contacts are not searched during autocomplete either. Are others experiencing this issue?

One other thing. I must have three unanswered bug reports in, and five unanswered forum posts. Some of these things are blockers towards purchase. Should I be handling these things another way? Should I place all of these things on the desk of my sales rep?

Certainly, some of these bugs are so annoying and so usability-destructive, that even after a labour intensive test rollout in our company, we are considering looking at other options at this point.

Anyone, any suggestions?!