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Thread: ZCS Network Edition 4.5.x in SUSE ES 10.3

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    Default ZCS Network Edition 4.5.x in SUSE ES 10.3

    Hi, i need to install de Network Edition in SUSE ES 10.3 but i'm wondering which version is my best choice, because the download page refers only to SUSE ES 9 and OpenSUSE 10.

    Others theads refers to troubled or working installations in SUSE 10.1, but don't mention which version of ZCS are using.

    Also, my machine is a x86_64, i want to know if ZCS requieres the 32-bit OS version or it's OK to use the 64-bit SUSE.


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    SUSE ES 10 will be the supported version and not 10.3 and support for that is scheduled for the Version 5 release in December - there will be a 64 bit version available as well. You can find details of product schedules and version support on the Product Portal. We only provide support for NE on the listed operating systems.


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