We have a big problem in our organization. We can't provision accounts as we want.

Users need to log in with a user (ex. U123 ) and send mails with ( realname@domain) . The only way I've seen to do this is with aliases. (realname@domain is ian alias of U123@domain).

When I provision an account and alias, the default identity is U123@domain and we can't change this via command line.


* Zimbra Comunity 4.5.9
* Authentication with Active Directory.
* User provisioning with zmprov.
- ActiveDirectory user (for example. -> U123)
- Desired mailbox -> realname@domain.com
* User logs in with U123
* When the user sends mail zimbra uses U123@domain.com as default identity, so we have to make an alias and (manually) change the option "send messages with this identity" and the user can send with "realname@domain.com".


  • We need to do an automatic provisioning with zmprov from a csvfile and we haven't found how to change the default identity.
    I don't know if I can make it with "zmprov modifyIdentity..." ¿where is this command documented?

    modifyIdentity(mid) {name@domain|id} {identity-name} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]
  • ¿Is it possible to hide from gal a mailbox from command line?