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    using zcs-3.0.0_M2_764.FC4 on FC4

    I re-installed after fixing my host/domain configuration, Now thing are looking much better.

    $ hostname
    $ hostname --fqdn
    $ domainname

    My install was done with the domain as, note no geriatrix as the install script defaulted to. The rest of the defaults I accepted. I set up two accounts on this domain, mike and janet. I am now able to send mails between these two accounts. I can also send mail from an external ISP account ( and from my business address ( and these are received successfully.
    However when I try to send mail to either of these accounts I receive the output in the attached log portion (this is all the output relating to that message)
    I have disabled DNS lookups as this seemed to be causing a different problem.

    A separate query on the defaults. In my situation it would have defaulted my domain to which was not being resolved by the external DNS system and if I left of the geriatrix on the address zimbra bounced it. How is this supposed to operate in a correctly configured environment?

    But, once I get my outgoing mail working this looks like it is an unbelievably great product which I intend toe evangelize throughout South Africa.

    Thanks guys!
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