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Thread: Troubles in setting the domain name

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    Default Troubles in setting the domain name

    Hi all,

    I have installed Zimbra sucessfully but my problem is in the naming.

    Let's assume that I have set my /etc/hosts like this : localhost.localdomain localhost
    my_ip_address myhost

    After successfully installing the domain name for my emails is by default :

    The result I was expecting is :

    So actually the trick was to create another virtual domain in my Zimbra configuration and name it

    Is there any way to get this done normally when installing ?


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    That is how you are supposed to have your hosts file.
    Here's what you should do:
    -Ditch the virtual domain.
    -Just create a new/2nd in the admin console gui > domains section.
    -Don't delete the yet, as there are admin reports/alerts slated to be delivered there.

    Though you can certainly delete it if you'd like after you move the admin/spam/ham and update all the references.
    You'll see what I mean if you:
    su zimbra
    zmprov gacf
    Most just leave spam/ham alone and just create an alias of in
    You can also rename the spam/ham accounts (like if you wanted to remove the random numbers) - again be sure to update your zmlocalconfig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nacef View Post
    Is there any way to get this done normally when installing ?
    When you did the first clean install of ZImbra you would have been asked if you wanted to set the Domain Name, you must have hit enter without checking that option. That will give you the default that we found, the FQDN of your server.


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