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Thread: moving from Network Edition to Open Source Edition

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    Question moving from Network Edition to Open Source Edition


    I have a trial version of Network Edition installed. I need to create more than 50 users and so want to move to Open Edition before the trial period ends. Zimbra page says "Can I revert the Network Edition Trial to the Open Source Edition? Absolutely- all your email data, etc. will be left intact if you choose not to purchase ZCS Network Edition " but I couldn't find a wiki or doc to move from NE to OSE. Please help!


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    Welcome to the forums.

    The most obvious answer to your problem is to talk to your sales contact, they might be able to allow a larger number of users for your trial - how many additional users are you trying to create. I'm assuming that if the trial is successful you're going ahead with the Network Edition? If that's the case you're better off staying with that rather than converting, getting back to NE from OSS is slightly time consuming.

    Anyway, all you do for a 'conversion' is to download and extract the OSS version then run the ./ script - that's it.


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