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    Default unsupported !!

    How many times does "NOT SUPPORTED" appears in Zimbra forums?

    I've been a long time just reading at zimbra forums and I have came to a conclussion: forum administrators have an special quick-answer-button.
    When you click on it, it sends an autoanswer wich says "not supported"

    I've found than answer even when the user is asking for a supported action on a supported plataform.
    I've found that even when a developper ads a feature or a plugin and a Zimbra employer says him that it's not supported. Of course it isn't! it's just been developed by a third party! Crazy! Is it necesary to remark it every time?

    Let's find similar expresions (negative) found:
    - Not supported
    - Won't work
    - Is not tested
    - Use at your own risk
    - You can't. You simply can not do this. <-- My favorite, no explanations

    And the expresions we would like to read (positive):
    - We're investigating
    - You can try
    - We will make our best
    - We will take care of that installation

    First expressions sound like "this is what we have: one, two and three. Don't touch, don't ask, dont' try, don't think, it's not my problem"

    Second ones sound like "we want to spread Zimbra all over the systems, we will make it better, stronger, we will give the user what the user wants 'cause we're creating a software to give customers what they need"

    Of course, Zimbra wants to sell a software, that's all about, a privative software with an open source look. And I understand it, and respect it, but that kind of answer looks like calling your internet provider when connection doesn't work and they act as robot operators: "turn off the antivirus, reboot your PC"

    Please, guys, think on the community. It looks like all forum administrators are sales personal, not community, and they don't want to change Zimbra or make improvements. We can build a great software because the development team can read here what people is asking for. You're making a software that solves users needs, so please, listen to them, listen to us.

    If a person wants to try something new with Zimbra, hey! that's a feature request to make Zimbra better, to give the customer what he wants, to know what customer would pay for, do not try to see it just like an unsupported action! See it with positivity.


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    As I've already mentioned to you, the words 'not supported' relate to the operating systems that NE users have Zimbra installed on. If it's not on the supported operating system list we do not provide support for that. Part of the licence for installing NE is that it's installed on one of the operating systems we have verified it will run on. We can't provide support for every version of Linux in the market, not practical and not feasible.

    Users are quite entitled to install Zimbra on any platform they desire, they should be aware that it's an untested platform and may or may not work.

    We are quite willing to accept help form forum members to implement features, code contributions, enhancements and installations on other operating systems. The forums are for discussion of these features/enhancements and bugzilla is the correct place for users to file RFE (Request For Enhancement). There must be some understanding on your part that not every feature requested will be implemented, that's the nature of software development.

    We wouldn't have been able to progress the use of the product and it's features without the vibrant community here and we do listen to the Community.

    BTW, don't forget that employees posting and helping on these forums do so in their spare time (if they ever get any in their busy schedules) and to help the community.


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