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Thread: apachectl error - ubuntu server 6.10

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    Default apachectl error - ubuntu server 6.10

    Now before you start getting ready all thoes links to pages where they fix the error by changing the link to a lib file, read the error first.

    zimbra@mail:~$ zmapachectl start
    /opt/zimbra/httpd/bin/apachectl: line 78: 9090 Illegal instruction    $HTTPD $ARGV
    Checking this file i found these before line 78.

    if [ "x$ULIMIT_MAX_FILES" != "x" ] ; then      <---this doesnt look right
    If [ "x$ARGV" = "x" ] ; then                         <---same here
    Line 78 has this:
    case $ARVG in
    The acutal line 78 is fine syntax wize so that means that theres errors occuring somewhere else, and im not in the mood to backtrack all this scripting to source it out.

    Any help will me much appriceated.

    Because apachectl is down, that means that spell is too. However my server does work, not 100% but it still does.

    What i can do is email (send and receive) and log in as a user to the email web service. However duing the install procedure, im required to enter the url, this I cannot do. When i try i get (on mozilla) a download request asking me to save or cancel a file called "zimbraAdmin" which is a bin file. Now i *think* spell is linked to zimbraAdmin. So that leads me to believe that it is working in some way, but i cant configure zimbra anymore without the zimbraAdmin page.

    After straining google for 3 days, ive managed to not find any solution and its driving me crazy. Again, any help will me MUCH appreciated!

    Thanks guys =D

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    Welcome to the forums,

    for the admin console did you enter https?

    (should -for all intensive purposes- be the same to you right now)
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    Oh my god....i cant believe i overlooked that! *buries face in hands*
    Well ok thanks for getting that out of my hair, but unfortunatly that doesnt help my initial error.

    Even though apachectl and spell are down, the server works well (at leased i think, havent fully tested it yet) but still I would rather have it running with no errors at all if possible.

    Oh and thanks for the speedy reply too.

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