Hi, I have just installed V5 RC1 on a fresh install of Ubuntu 6.06LTS and everything went through perfectly. I was then able to log into the Admin console and do some setup changes without any errors.

However, in the server volume setup I notice that the default Index and Message Volumes are not marked as active and if I try to make them active the following error appears.

JavaScript error encountered in method ZaXFormViewController.prototype._saveChangesCallba ck message: I has no properties fileName: lineNumber: 3027 stack: (undefined,"object","id","name")@ ()@

After this, the interface then become unusable and when logout is pressed, connection to the server is lost. restarting the services will not bring the server back up and only running ./install.sh restores the server so that I can login again.

Running "zmvolume -l" shows the correct volumes and says they are active. But even then after creating a couple of users and sending/receiving mail the admin console user quota report indicates that there is no mailbox server installed.

Any ideas? Many thanks