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Thread: [SOLVED] Autocompletion of new domain addresses in GAL

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    Default [SOLVED] Autocompletion of new domain addresses in GAL

    I'm probably going to make myself sound really stupid over this!

    I'm not even sure if it's an error with Zimbra or on my part and I can't really explain it easily.

    Using CentOS 4.4, Zimbra NE 4.5.9 and Firefox 2.0.8.

    We are changing our company name soon.
    In preparation for this I am changing staff email user names from, for example, to (I'll use these two email formats to represent the old and new domains from now on)

    So, I added the new '' domain in the Admin GUI. We now have four there, which I believe is OK, (I'm not sure if there is a limit on Domains). The first two were created at Server setup (4.5.6 I think) and the last two in the last two weeks,one before upgrading to 4.5.9 and one after.

    Lets say they are called; (original two mentioned above) (two added in last two weeks)

    If, whilst logged on as a User from the old domain I click on 'New' to create a new email message and start typing in one of the new email addresses, say, it doesn't auto-complete from the GAL!
    If I try to send to a group in the new Domain, say,, it still doesn't appear but it is definitely not ticked 'Hide in GAL'.
    In fact I can only ever see names in my Contacts/Emailed Contacts or from our primary, oldest Domain, I'm sure it didn't use to be like this though!
    So, if I type russ into the To: field it will only ever guess at outside email or my old address.

    Am I making any sense with this! Am I missing something simple? Is it something to do with Virtual Host or GAL settings? is this just the way it should work, that you only see your main Domain in the GAL?
    All of the domains are set to 'Internal' in GAL. All of the domain are set to External Active Directory for authentication although I tried the new one as internal at first, neither made any difference.

    Any help much appreciated! Please put me out of my misery

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