Hey, I'm trying to setup zimbra for the first time, and I have a new dedicated server to play with it on. My question is what would be the optimal drive setup for the system, its one task being a mailserver.

I expect to keep around 200 accounts, 80 of which see heavy use. I expect the heavy use accounts to use IMAP all day or sometimes the web interface, and the rest of the accounts to be low volume (maybe checking 5 times a day or 5 times a week) The heavy use accounts average something like 400mb of usage, ranging from 256mb to 1gb of space. the majority of accounts keep less than 1mb of mail on the account. My best guess is that 50% of email is 'departmental', between accounts on the server itself.

I am not sure what the volume is for total incoming/outgoing email traffic, but I imagine it is modest and probably typical (if there is anything typical) for about 80-100 regular users. It wasn't choking an old FreeBSD postfix install w/ 512mb of ram on a raid5 setup.

I have 8 SAS 146gb drives, its in a new Dell server running off an internal PERC5i controller.(otherwise its not a honkin' beast, a single dual core xeon proc & 2gb of ram) I am going to be running this off of Redhat EL5. So far I understand RAID 10 is the best way to configure the drives, which finally leads to my somewhat long winded question:

Should I throw all 8 drives into a RAID10 array, or should I put 6 in a RAID10 and use the last 2 in a RAID1 array to hold the queue and logfiles? Perhaps instead should I just not RAID the queue and log drives and separate them for performance, one for queue one for logs, if I'm willing to risk the queue and logs, or is that not a recommended configuration, perhaps if losing the queue causes disasterous snafus somewhere?

I understand with my expected volume this question may be academic, but I'd like to set it up properly the first time.

Also, I understand there is some good server install guides on the wiki and in the documentation, which I have been paying attention to. I just haven't found any good info on drive configuration yet.

Thanks for your help!