Just installed zcs-3.0.0_M3_270.RHEL4 on a fully patched/updated centos 4.2 box.

The install went beautifully, only configuration required was admin password.

Applied password, started zimbra, all is well.

Can't log into admin console at https://blahblah:7071 get "Authentication Failed"
when logging in as admin@host.domain.tld.

However, using the same user/password pair for the "regular" account
at admin@host.domain.tld it works just fine. I thought at admin@host.domain.tld
was the same ldap info user and administrator. So, why does one work and
not the other? Perhaps that's the wrong question.

At any rate, before I reformat this whole machine and start the entire installation
process over from scratch, can someone point out what I have done wrong?

Thanks kindly in advance.