Hello together,

we use zimbra gpl 4.0.3 since 1 year in our productiv enviroment on debian. So because of getting support and more features we want now to migrate to NE 4.5.9 on ubuntu Server 6.06
Our enviroment:

2 Server running zimbra LDAP
1 Server running zimbra Store, logger
2 Server running zimbra mta

the install was little tricky but except the second LDAP Server it runs. this is the first Problem. how to setup the replication LDAP. i do not found a solution that works on ubuntu.

the second is the 'server Status' and the logging information. All that i found in the internet is not simelar to ubuntu 6.06. So in the /etc/syslog.conf i didn't found any entrys in the syslogd.conf to add th -r option discribed in this Forum.

The third problem is to use the Admin interface to deploy new zimlets or Admin extentions. i get an error. i seems like cracy because the zimlets want to be deployd on all server not only on the store server. but i get failed.

so is there anyone who can help me?

when this is fixed all, the next step is how to migrate the 400 Mailboxes on the gpl to the NE edition without setting new passwords. but this is the next step.