We are using AD auth for our Zimbra servers. We have it pointing to one box and it is working fine. We were planning on setting it up with a fail over to the other AD controller. However, before we got the chance to implement it we've experienced a single point of failure when the AD controller we were pointing to had a hiccup. After I got that working again, I began doing tests on our test server and pointed the server to the second AD controller.

Here's my question. How can I set the time out that Zimbra does before it checks the second server that I have specified?

It seems that the time out is about 30 seconds. From testing, using iptables to block AD 1 to force to AD 2, I get no activity from my web browser (latest Firefox). It sits showing no activity; no hour glass, no info on the bottom bar of the browser, or the spinning icon that usually shows the page trying to load something. Knowing my user base, after 10 seconds and the browser showing no signs that there is something going on in the background, they will give up and submit a complaint.

Thanks in advance.