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Thread: More than 1 zimbra server behind same firewall / router

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    Default More than 1 zimbra server behind same firewall / router


    Simply put I would like to create multiple zimbra servers that will be conneted to one internet connection (A Single t1 line conneted to a single router). So the router is, Zimbra Server A, Zimbra Server B, Zimbra Server C

    My problem is that we need to forward port 25 which I can do only once per router ( So if I forward port 25 to Zimbra Server A what do I do to accomodate port forwarding for Zimbra Server B and Zimbra Server C, etc. I realize that one solution would be to put each on different ports and use a mail port forwarding service such as for $45.00 each server each year. (This would at least allow 6 servers since there are only 6 ports that they will allow you to forward to you mail server).

    Any ideas how to accomplish this for free??

    I am a newbie so please be kind


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    Can you get multiple public IP addresses from your ISP? Many routers can use these addresses to do static one-to-one NAT. One-to-one NAT is when public addresses point to matching individual private addresses. This is different than the many-to-one NAT/NAPT most folks are accustomed to in that you can use a particular port for as many public IPs as you have available to you.

    For example, if your ISP assigned you through, you could set up something like this on the router: -> -> ->

    This can usually be done for either all ports or for specific ports. Also, the internal ports do not have to be the same as the external ports.

    Static IPs would may be cheaper than $45 x 6 servers.

    Hope this helps.


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    You might want to take a look on the Documentation page for the Multi-Server Installation Guide.


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