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Thread: Version check fails on multiarch (i386/x86_64)

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    Default Version check fails on multiarch (i386/x86_64)

    Hi all,

    While the installer checks for prerequisites, it tries to figure out the installed version using the rpm -q command. On a dual-arch box (mine is a FC4 x86_64), this command can return more than one single line; this leads to errors within the install script.

    To avoid these errors, I changed line 885 in util/ to eliminate dupliates using "sort" (see below).

    Hope this helps anyone else with this problem. Maybe this modification should be added to the standard scripts.


    row 885 in util/
    PKGINSTALLED=`$PACKAGEQUERY $pkg 2> /dev/null`


    PKGINSTALLED=`$PACKAGEQUERY $pkg 2> /dev/null | sort -u`

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    Default nice trick

    I'll add that to the script monday.

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