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Thread: authenticate moodle and apache against LDAP

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    Default authenticate moodle and apache against LDAP

    w00t! solved. delete or mark as solved

    Hey there, I am trying to authenticate moodle 2.0
    and apache using zimbra users.

    I am running FC7 and zimbra 4, the free one
    Zimbra and moodle are hosted on the same box.

    Whenever I try to login to moodle, using a user from zimbra, I get this error:
    LDAP-module cannot connect to any servers

    Settings in moodle:
    host URL: I've tried localhost,, the IP as well. Sometimes I put a ldap:// in there for fun, too.

    distinguished name: uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
    user type: postixAccount rfc2307
    context: ou=people,dc=crunk,dc=com
    search subcontext: Yes
    User attribute: uid

    These are the same settings as another server in our organization that has almost identical roles.

    Any love? Thanks!
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