Hi folk!

This is very unimportant as far as I can tell, but I wanted to post it "somewhere" in case it was worth creating a bug issue for. =) I have moved all of my ports (except for the admin console) to alternate ports. (I have another web server running, for example, and rewrite to the zimbra web ports) Anyway, during the upgrade process, I get a:

Checking 4.5.9_GA
Updating from 4.5.9_GA
Checking 4.5.10_GA
Updating from 4.5.10_GA
Stopping ldap
Upgrade complete
Checking for port conflicts
Port conflict detected: 80 (zimbra-store)
Port conflict detected: 443 (zimbra-store)
Port conflicts detected! - Any key to continue
Checking ldap status
Starting ldap
Setting defaults from ldap...

Note the port conflicts. As far as I can tell it's not causing problems though, so take it for what it's worth. =)