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    Default Backup problem

    Hi Everyone! I installed zimbra a few months ago (version zcs-NETWORK-4.5.7_GA_1319) on a Centos 4.5. The emails service is working great, but we found that the Backup button on the administration page is not being shown since we install it. At the beginning i thought that was a license problem (we were using a trial license) but now that we upgrade the license the problem still there. But the strange thing is that i can make backups from the CLI. I can operate from there without a problem.

    Still, i rather to have the button because we're a team and there's people that is not very confortable with the CLI.

    Can anyone give me some pointers in order to solve this? I searched in the forums but seems that i'm the only one with this problem.


    Pablo Oddera

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Could you upgrade to 4.5.10?

    Make a good backup of it first:
    -run a zmbackup full and you can also grab the entire /opt/zimbra
    -obviously backup any other mounted locations that you use, the below is just assuming everything's stored in /opt/zimbra/
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol stop
    exit/switch back to root
    ps aux | grep zimbra (kill -9 pid on any remaining)
    mkdir /backup
    rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra

    When that finishes, if you want you can tar it up as well for 'easy' movement to another location:
    mkdir /backuptar
    tar -zcvf /backuptar/zimbra.457NE.200711##.backup.gz -C /backup/zimbra .

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