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Thread: How to configure a failover Zimbra environment?

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    Default How to configure a failover Zimbra environment?


    Anyone got the info on how to configure failover for Zimbra Server?

    Say I has 2 servers, server A and B, each has their own storage.

    Server A is the active server and B is the backup.

    Data should sync real time from Server A and B.

    In the event of hardware failure in Server A, server B will be able to detect that and take over the network information of Server A automatically, the process should be transparent to the end users.

    Anyone can help me on this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    this would require two things - a) process/service level clustering, and b) storage level replication. a) exists - redhat clustering is supported and I'm sure I remember VCS rfe being closed so that should be supported as well. b) doesn't - it was in the marketing fluff from the very beginning with mutterings of 'its coming soon' but disappeared soon thereafter never to be heard from again. search forum for drbd, thats the closest you'll currently get with replicated storage. alternatively use a san.

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    There is a detailed document on setting up a single-node cluster here, and multi-node here.

    I could've sworn I saw an interesting document in the wiki about setting up servers at different sites so that one could take up the slack if the other failed, but all would handle their own sites if they were up (not exactly what you are asking, but might help) but today I can't come up with the right search terms to find it.

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    Welcome to the forums,
    NE: you can get support for RHEL + RHCS (only use RHCM out of that don't need LVSC) + SAN + Fencing device (see docs in Dan's post ^ for more info)
    FOSS: not the only method but DRBD & Heartbeat seem to be the favorite around here.
    Not hot like you want but:
    There's also: Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Vote on: Bug 11423 - disaster recovery through server to server sync (beta)
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    Default drbd configuration

    can someone send me how to of drbd configuration in running installation of zimbra os 4.5.6 on redhat es 4.0. I somehow have to make second redundant server for my existing zimbra installation. Pleaseeee

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