Been using Zimbra network edition on my Centos5 machine for about 30 days without any major issues thus far, however one of my users brought a very odd problem to my attention today.

When reading email with the Zimbra web interface, attachments often appear to be doubled up.

I didn't believe him, so I had him send me a test email. I found that as I viewed it in Outlook that there was only ONE attachment:

However just to be sure, I logged in to Zimbra and read the same email message, and behold (excuse the MS Paint attempt to hide my email address):

I am running the latest version of Zimbra, and unfortunately this problem also appears to be intermittent. I'm still testing.

Anybody ever seen this before? Is there a problem with the MIME encoding on attachments in Zimbra? I recall seeing this before thats because I was writing my own file attachment code in PERL and was messing up my boundaries. Could this be a similar issue?

Thanks in advance,