Hi, I have a service with two servers but have issues with appointmens. Here the details:

Server 1.

Zimbra Network Edition 4.5.10 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1
Domain: mail1.mydomain.com
Users: 25
IP address:

Server 2

Zimbra Open Source Edition 4.5.10 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1
Domain: mail2.mydomain.com
Users: 270
Connectors: Outlook/iSync/Mobile
IP address:

The problems is like this. Say user 'A' in the server 2 invites two users of the server 1, say 'B' and 'C'; they accept the invitation and replay to 'A', who downloads the replays but in Calendar > Schedule can't see the attendees with busy status but as unknown status. Happens the same with users from the server 1 to users in the servers 2, but works fine when all the users are in the same server.

This problems also happens with the connectors of Outlook and iSync, i suppose it's the same with Blackberys.

All the message travels fine between servers and outside (Internet), we have a internal DNS to resolve all their queries and i don't think is a problem of communication.

I already tried to build a cluster with both services but the users of OL Connector and iSync can't access their mailboxes.

Now i'm stuck with this problem and don't know what else to do, because the functions of the calendar are half working, it's not possible to buy all the licences and i must fix this to release this service.

Any idea?, best regards.