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Thread: [SOLVED] Attachment size limited

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    Default [SOLVED] Attachment size limited

    The Zimbra web client is not allowing attachments to be sent.
    I've checked in the Admin console and the attachment size is set
    to 10MB. This is the error I see in the popup notification. The attachment
    being sent is 5MB.

    msg: Message exceeded allowed size
    code: mail.MESSAGE_TOO_BIG
    method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
    detail: soap:Sender
    data: [object Object]

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    Message size is a different animal than attachment size. Multiple attachments and/or text also contribute to message size. That's why they are two different settings.

    This post goes into more detail on the ins and outs of this problem and may help you.



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    Got it. Thanks for the redirect.

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    30sec summary:
    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    So, you might want to set zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 10-30% > than your attachment.
    Also as a general rule, I set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 10% larger than the zimbraFileUploadMaxSize.

    Say both are set to 10MB (and you tell everyone they can send 10MB attachments):
    An email with a 9MB attachment and 100KB message body text. The attachment may be less than the 10MB zimbraFileUploadMaxSize, and so it'll get accepted by the file upload system. But when it's converted into a MIME message it ends up base64-encoded. Then add 100K of regular body text, and the resulting message (say 10.3MB or so) is then handed off to postfix, which checks zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize and promptly rejects the message if it's over the limit of 10MB.

    Of course that would mean that you would set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize even larger if you want to allow emails with multiple large attachments.

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