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Thread: upgrading to network edition

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    Thanks jholder.

    Can you give us some idea how the migration is done?

    Just to reiterate -- we need to migrate because our existing FOSS Zimbra 4.5 is running on Fedora 4 -- which is not supported by Network Edition.
    We cannot upgrade the OS to RHEL because the server is live and has to be up all the time.
    So we plan to get a new machine and install RHEL 5 on it and then install Zimbra 4.5 (or 5 if it is released) Network Edition on it, and then migrate mails/accounts/ data from the live FOSS Zimbra 4.5/Fedora 4 to the new machine. The new machine will be configured exactly like the live machine. And the migration should incur minimal downtime -- I know downtime is inevitable because FOSS does not have live backup.

    Am I right to say to we will need to install a DNS server on the new machine that points the URL (same for both live and new machines) to the IP of the new machine instead of the live machine?

    Is the migration instructions here:
    Network Edition Moving from Open Source to Network Edition ZCS - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Quote Originally Posted by jholder View Post
    If you upgrade to the Network Edition, I will personally help you migrate your server. We want to keep you happy

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    The migration from Zimbra 4.55 FOSS on Fedora 4 to Zimbra 5 Network Edition on Redhat Enterprise Edition 5 65-bit is looking more complicated than i expected. we have bought a new machine to install the Zimbra 5 NE.

    Spoke to a Zimbra reseller and he suggested this:
    1) Install Zimbra 4.55 NE (paid license) on new machine

    2) Upgrade Zimbra 4.55 FOSS on old machine to Zimbra 4.55 NE (trial license)
    but there is a PROBLEM here. Zimbra 4.55 NE does not have a version for Fedora 4. Our old machine is running Fedora 4.

    3) Do a zimbra backup of the old machine now running Zimbra 4.55 NE (if it is possible to install the 4.55 NE for REHL on Fedora4!)

    4) Do a zimbra restore to the new machine Zimbra 4.55 NE

    5) Upgrade Zimbra 4.55 NE on new machine to Zimbra 5.0.2 NE.

    We have 2 questions:

    1) How do we upgrade the Zimbra 4.5.5 (FOSS) on our Fedora 4 machine to Zimbra 4.5.5 (NE - trial license)?

    2) Our new machine will be running Redhat 84-bit. Will there be a problem restoring the data from the 32-bit Fedora machine?

    Quote Originally Posted by jholder View Post
    Actually, if you're going to be a network edition user, Phoenix is right, and you should be running on a supported OS. End of story.

    So, use Ubuntu if you can't go with RedHat.

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