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Thread: Upgrade 4.5.6->4.5.10: accounts gone

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    Default Upgrade 4.5.6->4.5.10: accounts gone

    I upgraded from 4.5.6 to 4.5.10 and now no accounts show in the admin interface. Fortunately users can log in and email is being delivered without error. I had previously installed the samba/posix admin extensions which are not working after the upgrade. Frankly, I don't care if samba integration is working because it's not a necessary piece of the system, but I need to get things back to normal with regard to accounts being displayed. I suspect some LDAP change I made along the way when configuring the samba/posix extensions was left behind, but I don't know where to start...

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    Do you have anything in the logs? I know we changed ldap versions. . . I wonder if that broke something.

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    Have a read of this thread about ldap issues when upgrading from 4.5.6. I ran into the same problem during my upgrade and the blog post linked in the first message of that thread was a life saver. Assuming you backed up before upgrading...

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