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Thread: Fedora Core 4 - MC3 & Apache, MYSQL, for web hosting Easy Install HOWTO

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    Default Fedora Core 4 - MC3 & Apache, MYSQL, for web hosting Easy Install HOWTO

    I am writing this HowTo because I found it not difficult but tedious to finally get everything working in unison. My motto is "It's easy once you know how!"

    If you want Zimbra to run on the same box as your webserver then this is for you.
    I am starting from scratch to make things less complex.

    Domain Name for this example is: ""
    Local IP Address is:

    Step 1: Install Fedora Core 4 with these settings:
    + IP Address
    +Gateway: zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz
    +Primary DNS: (self)
    +No Firewall

    +X Window (Default)
    +GNOME (Default)
    +Graphical Internet (Default)
    +Server Config Tools (All)
    +Web Server (All)
    +DNS Server (Default)
    +MySQL Server (All)
    +Admin Tools (All)

    Step 2: Edit hosts file to look like this. localhost server

    Step 3: Start the DNS Server

    Step 4: Install Webmin

    Step 5: Using Webmin install the following by going to "System->Software Packages->Search"

    Webmin can be access by going to

    Search for the following and select the correct package.

    Step 6: Download Zimbra "zcs-3.0.0_M3_436.FC4"

    Step 7: Extract the package.

    Step 8: Install Zimbra by running in a terminal.
    Except all defaults, the only configuration you have to do is set the admin password.

    Step 9: Once Zimbra is installed check to see if the admin account got created because in my adventures every time I installed zimbra the admin account didn't get created. Hopefully the bugs already been fixed if it is one.

    Open up a terminal and type
    "su - zimbra"

    You should see ""
    If you don't you need to create the account.

    Type "ca passwordgoeshere zimbraIsAdminAccount TRUE"
    You should see one line of fairly random output don't worry it's like a unique id or something.

    Then type "quit" and close that terminal.

    Step 10: Now logon to the admin pannel by going to in Firefox.

    You can now create accounts etc and configure as you desire. However the next thing you will probably want to do is create another domain of "" as "" probably isn't what you want.

    Step 11: Open up another terminal and type
    "su - zimbra"
    "zmcontrol stop"
    Leave the terminal open

    Step 12: Find these two files and open them up in Text Editor.

    Find all instances of 80 and replace with 8080 or what ever port you want zimbra to run on.
    The admin part of zimbra runs on 7071 and I guess you could change that as well but I haven't got game enough yet.

    Step 13: Now go back to that terminal and type
    "zmcontrol start"
    Now close the terminal.

    Step 14: Now you should be able to access the zimbra front end from instead of

    Step 15: Open up webmin and go to Servers->Apache, configure it as needed and then hit start.

    Note: When stopping Apache from webmin or Desktop->System Settings->Server Settings->Services it will stop Zimbra's apache as well but when you hit start it does not start Zimbra's apache and thus if you want the Spell checker to work you will have to restart zimbra as well. This is why when editing apache hitting "Apply Changes" will do the job nicely.

    Step 16: Now you can also configure MYSQL from webmin but the same thing applys when you stop MYSQL you will stop Zimbras MYsql.

    Step 17: Now add in the neccercy zone(s) into BIND from webmin.

    I haven't included detailed instruction on how to configure Apache, MYSQL, DNS, etc however I don't mind answering any questions to the best of my abilty.
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    Brad Jones

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