I just wanted to post that I just finished a successful upgrade from 4.5.9 GA to 5.0 GA - OpenSuSE.

I was running OpenSuSE 10.0 with Zimbra 4.5.9GA installed. I'm running on Zimbra server as a VM, so I made a copy of the VM prior to my OS upgrade, so this was low risk for me. I closed to my SMTP port in my firewall prior to starting to no emails get left behind on my old VM. I did a OS upgrade from OpenSuSE 10.0 to OpenSuSE 10.2. This was pretty painless I made sure that the upgrade process did NOT remove any pkgs because that what it wanted to do. Following the upgrade (which went flawless) I upgraded all pkgs to the current versions in the SuSE repos... and rebooted.

At this point I was Zimbra 4.5.9GA on OpenSuSE 10.2. All the Zimbra services were started and everything looked fine. I then started the Zimbra 5.0GA upgrade procedure, and this also went without any errors, and I'm now at OpenSuSE 10.2 with Zimbra 5.0GA.

I just wanted to post this, so those OpenSuSE 10.0 people know that it's possible.