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Thread: VServer install problems

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    Default VServer install problems


    I'm currently trying to install/configure zimbra on a VServer running under FC4. There are a couple of small problems, though; here is what I did so far:
    - after installing the RPMs , I removed the zimbra lines in /etc/security/limits.conf (these caused "su - zimbra" to fail).
    - Several programs bind to all interfaces by default, the configuration files had to be adapted to bind only to one interface (e.g. /opt/zimbra/bin/ldap, clamd.conf)
    - I added the path /opt/zimbra/bin to several places in where it was missing.

    I still have errors when Zimbra tries to manipulate iptables.

    Then completed successfully and zimbra appears to start at least partially. But when I browse to port 7071, the browser loads lots of documents but then displays a grey screen. Tomcat's access_log displays a 404 Error on "POST /service/admin/soap/".

    This Ajax stuff is new to me, so any advice on how to troubleshoot would much be appreciated.

    Meanwhile, I added ?debug=3 to my request and got a debug window with the error "XML PARSE ERROR on RESPONSE: expected tag . This occured in a Tomcat message containing a
    tag without closing tag. Obviously an error in Tomcat. Tomcat wanted to emit a status message "The requested resource (/service/admin/soap/) is not available.

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    Are there any errors in /opt/zimbra/tomcat/catalina.out on startup?
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    I have encountered the same problem with the blank screen at the admin login in a vserver setup on a Debian box. In addition the spell package won't properly install.
    In my vserver installation the problem was the missing /etc/hosts file with the localhost entry. Therefore the mnemonic name "localhost" couldn't be resolved in the vserver, which is heavily used by Zimbra. After creating /etc/hosts with the localhost entry and reinstalling Zimbra, everything works fine .

    Greetings, Kastor

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