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Thread: Migrating to Zimbra 5.0GA with minimal downtime?

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    zmprov gs | grep zimbraMtaDnsLookupsEnabled

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    I enabled DNS lookups however this is the situation now:

    I can send emails from the webmail client, but cannot receive any incoming mail.

    I tried two ways:
    I added the zimbra server as the SMTP server under Thunderbird and tried using that to send an email to the "dummy zimbra domain". The server complained about a relaying problem eventhough TLS was enabled (attached smtp.out)
    I tried using my old webmail from a working domain to send email to the zimbra one and also got an error inside the Message Queue (about deferred emails) (incomming.out)

    This is two cases which I would need. The 1/ is to be able to use the new server to send my email nomatter what the sender is (since I authenticate myself via TLS, btw SSL did the same) and 2/ is important to receive emails.

    For testing I set up a dummy no-ip domain and set the MX to the dynamic IP of the testing machine. I forwarded the appropriate ports to the internal IP of the VMWare Zimbra image.

    What am I doing wrong, there's gotta be a simple explanation.

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