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Thread: Fedora 8 installation

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    Default Fedora 8 installation

    I have Fedora 8. If I want to use ZCS, which release is right for me?

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    First you need to decide if you want to run the network or open source edition. Compare ZCS Editions
    If NE they you need to run one of the supported platforms. PMWeb list of platforms for zcs5.0

    I did note this in the wiki recently:
    No compiled binary download for FC8 yet, but there was a report that entries for syslog do not reside in /etc/syslog.conf rather /etc/rsyslog.conf.
    Without this subtle change, nothing will get logged under /var/log/zimbra.log.
    After the change /etc/rsyslog restart will reflect the changes.
    Fedora_8 - Platform Specific - Zimbra :: Wiki
    NE: Get a NE Trial License /products/downloads.html
    FOSS: /community/downloads.html Special FOSS download link:
    -CentOS is a free alternative that's often substituted for RHEL.

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