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Thread: stuck in integration windows/zimbra

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    Default stuck in integration windows/zimbra

    Hello all,

    I'm (in the process) of installing a new clean zimbra server on debian etch.
    I follow the instructions as per 'UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and
    Zimbra Admin UI'.

    I've succesfully completed such a setup already once before with the earlier zcs 4.5 and debian 3.1

    now, however, I'm stuck at the deployment of the posixAccount/samba zimlets
    the zimlets (v5.0) themselves install fine.
    Upon admin logon, the following warning is shown twice before going to the admin page:
    'Warning! Failed to create ou=groups,dc=mycompany,dc=com for Samba groups!'

    I'm pretty sure the config files are set correctly.
    The logfiles in /var/log don't show any errors
    zimbra processes are all running.

    Which logfile can I check to get a clue?

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    Is this the actual error message

    'Warning! Failed to create ou=groups,dc=mycompany,dc=com for Samba groups!'

    or was there your real domain name instead of "mycompany" in the message?
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    Hi Greg,

    The real domain name was in the message.
    mycompany is a placeholder, weak attempt at privacy.

    should have mentioned that, sorry

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    zmprov mcf +zimbraAccountExtraObjectClass posixAccount
    zmprov mcf +zimbraAccountExtraObjectClass sambaSamAccount
    went fine
    searched in logs didn't show such errors

    which log might help?

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