I managed to get Zimbra OpenSource installed onto my CentOS 5 machine, but it doesn't want to seem to start because of LDAP - even though I have a valid hosts file and and correct DNS is set.

The error I receive when running the command 'zmcontrol start' uner the Zimbra user:

[zimbra@mail ~]$ zmcontrol start
Host mail.bluque.com
Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.
Unable to determine enabled services. Cache is out of date or doesn't exist.
The error I receive when running the command 'ldap status' under the Zimbra user:

ldap_url and ldap_master_url cannot be the same on an ldap replica
The iso being used is CentOS 5 X86_64, and the RHEL 5 X86_64 Zimbra package is being used on the machine. Machine specs are: Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600, 2GB Ram with static public IP address. Any help is greatly appreciated.