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Thread: Will there ever be 5.0NE support for Opensuse 10.x?

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    Default Will there ever be 5.0NE support for Opensuse 10.x?

    I have a production machine running Opensuse 10.2 with 4.5.9NE. It's been working flawlessly, and I'd really rather not change the OS- I can't take the downtime hit for that machine... Is there any plan to update this platform, or can the SuSE 10 release be crowbarred onto it somehow?

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    Currently, there are no plans to support OpenSUSE on the Network Edition platform.

    Moving to another server is really easy. Take a look here:

    and if you need any help, you've got the forums and Zimbra Support.

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    ZCS Network Edition will be supported on SUSE Enterprise Linux moving forward. We will continue to support ZCS FOSS Edition on openSUSE but will no longer release Network Editions for this platform. This brings SUSE network support in line with the Red Hat Enterprise releases.

    Our intent is to release a transition release that will help you bridge the openSUSE to SLES gap or otherwise transition to another OS if you choose.

    The reasoning behind this is that in order for us to provide paid support for the Network Edition we need to ensure that customers are deploying on an OS that has adequate support structure from the OS vendor.
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