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    I recently switched from hMail Server to Zimbra, and am very pleased with the transition. Should have been done a long time ago. My only question is how do I setup a mirror email address. In hMail Server I could setup an email address to recieve a copy of all email(s) sent to and from the server. A blind Carbon Copy. As regulations that our organization must follow, we are required to keep a copy of all email(s) for seven years.

    I did not see any options for this, and was wondering how to set that up.

    Thank You,
    Scott Pauls

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Just so you're aware, the NE version has an excellent add-on that does envelope forking called Archiving & Discovery w/ cross mailbox search
    often referred to as ZAD for short - more on it:
    Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Whitepaper.pdf
    Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Release Notes.pdf

    Compare ZCS Editions

    For FOSS, many use the always_bcc method of archiving.

    Side Note: If you want to just get incoming mails, visit the account > forwarding tab > forwarding addresses hidden from the user > & you could make an account or something to send them all too.

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