I am trying to upgrade a test server to 5.0GA from 4.5.6 (NE) on ubuntu 6.06. The initial install and then restore of the live data went fine, and everything worked as expected (running the test in a vmware guest).

I then ran the 5.0 install.sh as root, and proceeded to upgrade. The process seems to go fine, but then starts giving errors:

Unable to bind to ldap://serveraddy:389 with password PASSWORD:
in the logs


ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.Authentication... could not scroll back to console output, so dont know how this ends, but its similar to the log message)

It eventually gets to the configuration menu (setting defaults from existing config...) and then has almost no config settings, with the error

Address unconfigured (**) items or correct ldap configuration

Anyone seen this, or have any ideas? Now that the upgrade is half way, I cant go and reset the ldap password. Does it keep the autogenerated ldap password from setup, or is this restored from the backups during a restore (if so, I can just use the live server's password)

Any ideas appreciated!