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    Default Zimbra -- > OCS

    OK, I have deployed the vmware image to my server and want to downgrade to the Open Source Edition, how do i do this?

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Welp, I assume you've already compared the features you will be giving up, weighed what you can afford, talked to sales to get a quote, etc, etc.
    Anyways, you essentially install the Open Source edition over the top of your NE install to keep your data and convert to the FOSS edition.

    What version are you running? You technically don't have too - but it's best if you use the same zimbra version for the switch to keep it simple.
    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol -v
    In addition to any backups you run via zmbackup in NE; please make a backup of your /opt/zimbra (and any directories linked elsewhere)
    Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki
    about as simple as you can go is:
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol stop
    switch to root
    ps aux | grep zimbra (kill -9 any leftover)
    mkdir /backup
    rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra

    Of course you can always go back should you decide so later: Moving from Open Source to Network Edition ZCS - Zimbra :: Wiki

    NE 5.0: /products/downloads.html
    NE 5.0 Trial: /products/download_network.html
    FOSS 5.0 : /community/downloads.html
    FOSS prior versions: /community/downloads_previous.html
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    Or a VMware snapshot works too
    Were you saying that you did the rPath Linux plus VMware NE trial beta?
    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    There isn't an OSS version of the VMware image (nor is there a build of Zimbra OSS for that o/s) so you won't be able to downgrade the VMware image.
    RFE 12081 - rPath FOSS build
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