Hi, we're hiring enough people in the same city that we want to open a branch office. Currently we have a single server, Network Edition. The office will be in another country so we would rather not have our users network back to the States to read their email as it's rather torturous when dealing with attachments.

After reviewing the possible configurations (clustering, setting up a dovecot server over there, multi-server install) I am thinking of just installing a mailbox server in the remote location. This way, all the mail would be accepted, scanned, etc. on our main installation, and they would be able to receive (and send? maybe I'll just do that with boring Postfix) locally.

Is that the proper configuration? 1 Zimbra LDAP/MTA/mailbox server here, and 1 Zimbra mailbox server at the remote site? I'm not clear how I would tell the MTA to deliver the mail to the remote mailbox server. How is that done? Does the 2nd mailbox server require an additional license, or because it's 25 users, it's 25 users total no matter how many mailbox servers they are divided upon?

Our Zimbra license is up for renewal right now so I want to decide on an architecture before we sign the papers.