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Thread: Conflicting Certificates

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    Default Conflicting Certificates

    I've been running zimbra 4.5.9 on a couple of servers for the last year. One runs NE and the other GA (both on RHEL 4 32 bit).

    I updated to 5.0.1 tonight and renewed my certificates in 5.0.1 wanting to avoid some of the problems others have reported. Things work well except I seem to have some conflict with my certificates between the two installs. In Firefox if I try to load both sites (either the admin page or the webmail page via https) I get a notice from Firefox telling me on the second site (whichever one that happens to be that time) that my certificate is invalid because it has a duplicate serial number.

    I have confirmed that they do in fact have different serial numbers, but using the default certificate settings some fields are identical. Are there suggestions on which fields to change that might make this go away and suggestions on how I change those fields? Thanks.

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    To answer my own post...

    I've been watching all the posts that deal with certificates. When I saw this one (someone else following up their own post), I thought I'd give it a try. Sure enough this seems to have done the trick. I did have the old tomcat certificates around and everything works fine now that I have deleted them.

    I'm not sure why this problem caused my observed symptoms but all is well now.
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