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Thread: Red Hat EL4 or EL5

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    Default Red Hat EL4 or EL5

    We have a few machines running ZCS NE 4.5.x and I am looking to build our first 5.0.x production box. We currently are on EL4 and I was wondering the pro's and con's of moving to EL5 for future machines.

    Will Zimbra continue to support EL4 in the future or will there be an eventual cutoff where we will be forced to move anyway?

    Are there any must-have features in EL5?

    I value the opinions of my fellow Zimbra admins and would like to thank everybody in this community.


    Peter LeBlond
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    Both are very good. I think you should choose RHEL5 as it's the one that's gonna be around longer.

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    I'm in process of going from RHEL v4 32 bit to RHEL v5 64bit. Version 4 doesn't have very robust iSCSI support (we're also implementing archiving and HSM to and iSCSI target). I've also run into problems with the older e1000 drivers in v4 and Jumbo Frames support.

    As Jholder points out too - v5 is going to be around a lot longer as well so once you're setup and running smooth you won't have to touch it for a long time.

    Also - go 64 bit - especially if you expect to install more than 2GB of memory.


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